“A Family Fairy Tail”

Once Upon A Time there was a beautiful woman who lived by the ocean and she would wander to it every day to look out onto it and its vast beauty. She had always felt a part of it but was unsure why. Till one day she met a handsome stranger, strong and sturdy. He wore a beautiful shell crown and there was something magical about him. What the woman didn’t realize is he was King triton, King of the ocean and they fell madly in love.

But their love could never be for they were part of two separate worlds and the King knew that. Their love was so powerful that the goddess of the sea, his mother was awoken by it and was enraged he could fall in love with a mortal. With one strike of the tides she put a curse on them to tear them apart forever.

The beautiful woman fell into a deep dream like state over taken by love and unsure what the future would hold. The ocean enveloped her but soon took her under. When she awoke she was now pregnant and alone on shore. She wondered what had happened to her love and what she would do now.

What the woman didn’t realize is the curse went far beyond just separating them. She pushed and screamed until the child was born and she held it so close she knew this was what she needed in her life. All of that love she put back into her child. She decided to take the child back to the ocean, back to the place where she had met the beautiful stranger and fell in love. When the child touched the water something unusual happened, scales started to grow and soon a fin appeared. He was a merman.

She didn’t know what to do and all the drying of him wouldn’t turn him back into human. The child had no choice but to swim off but looked back with love and understanding that his mother would always be there. To this day she still goes down by the water and visits him and floats next to him holding his hand.

And while most fairy tales have happily ever afters, this one had a kinda happily ever after. In the end the family was separated and could not be together, yet they would always have the Sea.

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Special thanks to Allora the Mermaid for letting me borrow her amazing fin

And to Ricky Lindsay for lending me the beautiful dress and headpiece!




~ by Hadar on September 5, 2014.

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