Thesis Revisited

So it has been almost 2 years since I had my thesis debut and still to date I think it was one of my most fun/interesting/ fully realized ideas. I am still proud of what I did and want to come up with a new body of work that can be just as strong. My concept was the fact that you look at a hotel room and wonder what kind of characters have been there in that same room. Then I took myself and became each character and not only did it become a play on identity/ stereotypes but also on reality. When I presented it behind doors with peepholes, I wanted to celebrate voyeurism out in the open and also even though you were peering into doors you were peering into my mind and what I had imagined.


The reactions is what I love best from my art, and I got plenty with these pieces. I loved that they were hidden in the back and before you knew it there was talk about them around the gallery.

Some were shocked!

My grandma was upset I never lent her any of the wigs!

And many confused how I did it!

All in all my class rejoiced to finally be done!

Here is some  bonus footage from  my shooting


~ by Hadar on April 10, 2011.

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