Looking back…

The move to New York has been quite an experience and growing phase for me as an artist and a person. I have now been in New York for exactly one year and nine months. It has been some of the toughest moments of my life, but the one thing I can say that has changed and developed is my art. I have been through three blogs and practically two websites in trying to find the perfect way to present my work and arrived here. I find it time to start fresh, a new move and new ideas flowing, I find it necessary to start over somewhat. In this first posting I want to look back at the time I have been here in New York and see all that I have accomplished and done and celebrate it, moving forward knowing I have much more to capture.

My New York Time Line:

JUNE 9, 2009

I arrived to the big city with the stars in my eyes and absolutely no clue what I was getting myself into! I spend all month on a blow up mattress looking up craigslist stuff and wander aimlessly in timesquare believing I have made it big!

JULY 2009

I find internships finally with two different places CITY Magazine and also a photo agency,  Anderson Hopkins. Along the way I go out and party, trying to make new friends in a new place!

Along the way my personal style and myself evolve as well…


The truth hits me when I realize I am running out of money and desperately need a job, I finally manage to find a retail job and slave away to make ends meet. I keep my hopes up by shooting and doing what I know best escaping into my pictures.


New York can be like any other relationship you have in life. One moment you love them the next minute you want nothing to do with them. I spend time exploring my art, but also trying to find where I ultimately fit in this grand landscape. It becomes blurs of time and I find myself struggling with loneliness and of course just trying to find me.


I celebrate my first ever magazine spread, American Photo does a feature on me and it couldn’t come at a more perfect time. It is gratifying to know I graduated from college, had my first published photographs next to my CMYK photograph, and now live in a place I have dreamed of.

halloween arrives and I decide as irony to go as gaga, and get my parents in the act as well..


I say goodbye to one of the hardest years of my life. My first heartbreak, graduating from college and the big move away from home.I hope this new year would make me much happier.

Me and my family celebrate the last days of them visiting by a new family portrait!


New year, New times, which also meant more shoots…


I work fashion week doing retouching, and discover the little thing that New Yorkers call Fashion week. Around this time I also have a briefly lived internship with Interview Magazine along with interviews with Vanity Fair and V magazine. I find that when you have credentials around your neck ,the world of fashion can be a welcoming place.

MARCH 2010

I become featured in In*Tandem Magazine and also become a contributing editor in the process. I feel I have found my group of friends and artists, things are coming together

APRIL 2010

I reconnect and go back home to see my friend and family, I had not been home in almost a year.

MAY 2010- JULY 2010

Big changes happen in my life, I left the retail store and found myself doing freelance retouching full time. And things continue on, the strange thing I have found about New York, is the moment you need something to happen it usually happens. I thought so many times I would end up back home when something came through, it was as if something was holding me to here.

I shoot my first editorial with In* Tandem Magazine starring Coco and Breezy



Life goes on as does all the added stresses with it. My Freelance Retouching job hits a brickwall and along the way I do some great magazine work but it isn’t enough to sustain my new rent and new problems. I find myself at the end of my witts.

My spreads in Supplementaire Magazine

and Ouch Magazine


I decide it is time to revisit home and regroup, I needed to get away from the big city and have a chance to rediscover why I moved here. Being at home I go to art basel in Miami and also get to reconnect with my friends and family.

Me and my Nona..


I find myself at a fork in the road, chose to stay in New York or go home.  After all the time I have had I decide, after a chance happening, me and friends found an apartment and this is my new beginning. I am sure along the way I have forgotten some moments but after all it is New York and I find so much happens it can be a blur. This is where I am now and I am ready to make new work and rediscover myself once again. I may be back at square one but sometimes it is the healthiest place to be.


~ by Hadar on February 19, 2011.

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